osb physics learning techniques  for cbse students for class 12

osb is a cbse based document provider for students in  class 9,10,11 and 12.

It includes variety of study materials such as revision notes ,board papers, hand written notes sample papers ,frequently asked questions, study tips ,synopsis etc. osbincbse.com is a completely free online tool which is developed in a student friendly manner.

Learning physics in class 12  require a proper planning and execution. osb is providing a detailed plan to track physics in an effective way which will help students to score high marks in the toughest subject of cbse.

osb study technics will give students a confidence to attempt physics questions and will make physics a safe and comfort zone for them

osb says


  1. Try to build a sort of reasoning from your understanding of the subject.


  1. Read thoroughly and note down the points from NCERT text book or from a suitable guide. Practice solved examples and solves sample paper questions. Practice and solve the Exemplar problems also.
  • Build a habit of Repeating and practising the important board questions, memorising the important formulas , and make your own synopsis which contain most relevant points and very important conception questions
  1. Do more practice of those areas which you find difficult and spend more time for that part.
  1. Practice 10 sample question papers of previous years examinations of CBSE in time bound manner.
  • Most important habit for a cbse student to score good marks in physics is the ablity to sit and practice as many board papers as u can. More the board papers you practice more will be the chances for scoring very good marks in physics
  1. Practice all graphs, circuits and ray diagrams thoroughly.
  • Make a note which contain all relevant graph and figures of all chapters of physics
  1. Some special practice set prepared by the teachers should be practiced by students continuously. After evaluation, students should be note the mistakes made by them and correct them.
  • Build a habit of attempting question without referring the answers. Try it with your own ideas , then evaluate , understand the mistake(if the answer you write is wrong) ,access yourself and understand why your mind process approach the question in a different way. Register the right way of answering in your mind.
  1. Students should be made aware about the word limit for answering the questions.
  • Try to express in minimum words with all key points included. Practicing more questions will give you confidence to attempt the exam with a pleasant mind.
  1. Concentrate on preparation and not on examination.
  • Prepare a proper time table for exam and try to stick on it. When you prepare a

Time-set for exam, access your capability to complete the portions in the restricted time.

  1. Concentrate on those areas of subject which you can easily understand.
  1. Practice value based questions which are comparatively easy to score marks.
  • Must practice Value based questions from previous year board papers.

Hope this 10 study tips help you for resetting the plans for preparing physics in a better and effective way. osb physics study technics is made from a detailed assessment of understanding the academic aspect of various concepts made for selecting chapters by the physics department of cbse board and grasping level of students in a step level and priority consideration.

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